Board of Directors


Sarah C. Sifers, Ph.D. is a licensed psychotherapist and world-renowned scholar who has conducted ethnographic fieldwork with shamans from Siberia, Brazil, Nepal, and the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. She brings to the organization advanced knowledge, research, and experience on shamanism and indigenous cultures. Since 1998, she has spent extensive time in Nepal researching and documenting the work of the Tibetan and Nepali shamans.


Patricia Wesson has been in the television and production field for over twenty years in the Salt Lake market. Beginning with an entry-level job with the NBC affiliate she then went on to the first UHF station in the state. Leaving six years later she had experience in producing both commercials and programs. In returning to the NBC affiliate she was introduced to working on film projects at the production and postproduction facility. She established her own production company, WessonWorks, Inc. in 1993 and has since won awards for several commercial and public service projects.


Judy Keane works as a commercial real estate agent, leasing office and retail space for Woodbury Corporation. In addition, she serves on the Community Council for the Mt. Olympus area in which she lives. She has fund raising experience for the council to produce and then sell a history "book" of the Mt. Olympus area She has also been involved in fund raising activities for Judge Memorial High School, and Cosgriff School. Judy is also an active volunteer and fund raiser for the Adopt-A-Native Elder organization, a non-profit charitable organization.