Support of Crafts

Support of Cultural Crafts

Indigenous Lenses supports the cultural preservation of Tibetan crafts through the purchase of Tibetan incense bags and Tibetan prayer beads (mallas). These items are created by two Tibetan women living in exile in the refugee camps in the Pokhara Nepal area.

Incense Bag $20


The incense bag is woven by an elderly Tibetan woman living in a refugee camp in Nepal. She sits outside her house on the ground and uses a back strap loom. She will weave a long length of fabric, then cut it into sections and sew it into its present form. The colors are traditional Tibetan colors. Tibetans put ground juniper in the pockets of the bag then tie it shut. If traveling, they will either carry the twin bags slung over their shoulder…or if in Tibet, they will hang the bag over the back of their yaks.