Key Personnel



Genéa Gaudet has been a professional editor and filmmaker for seven years. She earned a Masters in Film Studies from the University of Utah. She had worked as an assistant editor and post-production supervisor on the feature film Jumping for Joy 2002) and as an editor on the re-releases of the films Just in Time, The Paper Brigade, and Rossini’s Visitor.  Her commercial work includes editing several movie trailers for the independent film company, Feature Films for Families, as well as local television spots. As an instructor, Ms. Gaudet has taught several film classes for Salt Lake Community College. Ms Gaudet currently works for Metropolis Integrated Media in Salt Lake City. She was the editor for Paul Larsen’s documentary To Be or Not to Be.  In 2004, Ms Gaudet started Girlfilm Productions. Her current projects include directing a feature-length documentary about the working poor, called Minimum Wage and a PBS film called Reserved to Fight.




William Susman ( brings to film scoring a diversity and depth of work. An award-winning composer with international recognition, his roots are in two powerful musical traditions — the rigor and formal training of classical music and the improvisational freedom of jazz. He scored the multi award-winning film Native New Yorker WINNER Best Documentary Short at Tribeca 2006, Moondance and Park City Film Music Festivals. He also scored the controversial feature documentary Oil on Ice (PBS and Warner Home Video) winning numerous awards including the 20th annual International Documentary Association's Pare Lorentz. Susman’s music integrates diverse influences spanning western classical, jazz and world traditions to science and numerology. Some of the world's greatest soloists such as Joan Jeanrenaud (Kronos), Joseph Gramley (Silk Road Ensemble), and David Holzman (2003 Grammy nominee) perform and record his award-winning film scores and concert works. He has received numerous honors, awards, and commissions for his music including ASCAP Grants to Composers, ASCAP Raymond Hubbell Award, ASCAP Standard Awards, BMI Young Composers Award, Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard, Gaudeamus International Musicweek Percussive Arts Society, and KUCYNA/ALEA III International Composers Competition.


Audio Engineer


Ken Kruckenberg is an accomplished musician, composer, producer and engineer whose professional career spans 32 years. He has performed as a keyboardist in rock, disco, techno, jazz, R&B and country bands. He plays piano, organ, electronic keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and electronic percussion. He has been a composer and engineer on many award-winning television, radio and musical productions.


In 1980, Ken set up a project studio in his home. During this time, he supported himself by playing in popular musical groups and recording music for local artists.


In 1989, Ken went to work as house composer at WT Studios…a respected recording studio specializing in radio and television advertising. In 1991, with his help, WT became one of the first studios in Utah to offer an all-digital recording environment. Ken continues to compose and record jingles, film and video scores, music beds for radio and TV, and music for multimedia. His personal studio is state of the art, with all the newest computer hardware and software. He uses the electronic keyboards and computers in this studio as a "virtual orchestra" to create complete compositions. He is expert at many different musical styles.


With tens of thousands of hours of recording expertise to his credit, Ken is also one of the finest dialog and sound effects editors around. He has engineered and produced many award-winning radio commercials, and has many loyal clients. He is also skilled at "sweetening", a process where different sound elements are combined with video or film to enhance the finished production. He loves to create new and unique sound effects.